TTK is a graffiti  “crew”  founded in 2009, standing for at the time, Tag Team Crew. Since then, it has taken on
many names and a multitude of meanings inherited by the artists that represent it.
In 2009, only composed of a few members, today there are many members across the United States, Integrated 
 under a common motive of friendship, creativity, and a dedication to the craft and experiences related to graffiti
and its perspective art forms.
In 1981, the term “broken window theory” was coined to explain a chain of crime that builds starting from 
a smaller crime. In OPEN WINDOW THEORY, the works displayed in front of you, seek to combat this notion in
 an attempt to garner graffiti and its respective art form away from the diluted understanding of it as a crime
and push into disclosure that allows graffiti to be a means of experience, form, discovery, and style presented through the eyes of THOSE THAT KNOW.  

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